What the Hell Am I Doing?

Like seriously! How the *#&% did I get through that next week.

So have you ever felt like you absolutely have no idea what is going on or why are doing anything you are trying to do? 

The past 10…

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I Was Totally Unprepared...

Yes, I am unabashedly admitting I was unprepared for this journey. Most of us will relate to this in one way or another. Perhaps you have been going through something similar.

So how did I prepare for the unexpected? 


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I'm Doing Nothing...and I hope you do to!


I'm Doing “Nothing” … and it’s enough! 

Have you ever tried to do nothing? Seriously! You quite literally schedule time to just not be concerned about what a certain amount of time will be filled up by. 

I mentioned the…

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I'm Giving Up... And Why That's a Good Thing

On “Giving Up” 

I know many of you are thinking “What, no way!! I know that you are still going through with your plan to travel for the next year. You are a hard worker, and have plans moving forward…

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