[Josh Bradford's] music is balm for the soul. ” - Allison Burns, Music therapist
A Josh Bradford concert is always a journey. Even with a program in your hands, you never know where you might end up. He doesn't just give a concert, he creates his own one-man shows” - Janice Horak, Tarleton State University Events Coordinator

Josh Bradford - composer/performance artist/

For over two decades, Josh Bradford has been sharing his love of music and story-telling on stages, in schools, within theaters, churches, private homes, and whatever impromptu setting that provides a unique opportunity. Being equally at home as a solo and ensemble performer, music director, educator, collaborater, and event organizer has allowed him to carve a distinct and authentic way communicate with others that encourages and challenges what communal experiences can look and feel like. 

"Eclectic cabaret," "new age voodoo," "soothing and then bombastic," and "performing that never lets you forget where in the story you are," are all phrases used to describe a Josh Bradford music experience. Because of these qualities, he has been given a great amount of freedom when collaborating as music director, music composer, arranger, and music event organizer. This has resulted in two Dallas/Fort Worth awards for his work within theater. For his professional musical theatrical debut, the Column contributer and founder, John Garcia named him "the star of the production:" a rare statement in theater reviews for music directors. And in his last performance as a music educator, a performance of 2nd grade students performing "Diamonds" inspired principal Jennifer Kennedy to completely change the focus of her words to the audience: "It is only with immense pressure that are diamonds are formed. And these children have certainly shown an ability to adjust, change, mold, and on take on immense pressure, often better than many of we adults."

For seventeen years, Josh always worked as a musician alongside his education work, which at one point allowed him to pursue music performing full time between 2013-2018, though still devoting much of his time to music collaborating with schools across North Texas. "Even during this time, the reason I had pursued being a musician full time was to devote much more time to what I wanted to create and perform and I found I was still devoting most of my energy to everyone else's projects."

Still, the largest contributor to his willingness to never completely give up on his ideal of having a full time career with his creativity was Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Garland, TX. Originally hired as the church keyboardist, his other musical skills were quickly utilized, which resulted in song and choral arrangements, a full scale concert event for All Saints Day, fundraising concert events with the church vocalist, and a participatory mass written specifically for the church with input from the music team and congregation. Josh says "I never expected that the longest position I held in my career would be with a church of any kind, especially since I am very vocal about not only my queerness, but also the fact that I doubt the existence of God every other day. But this church community showed me through real actions what being valued, supported, and trust in my abilities looked and felt like. These people showed me that I don't have to keep settling for work positions or gigs that don't provide this environment."

After agreeing to come back to music education in 2019 for financial reasons, and choosing to continue to teach in two public schools throughout the beginning of the pandemic, Josh decided it was time to take on what he believes is the biggest life shift he's ever done. Embarking on what calls his "creative nomadic journey," Josh is taking an opportunity he knows is likely not to come up again. "I just have been taking on so much this last year, but I realized I'm in a position I don't really have any obligations to anyone. I don't have a significant relationship. No one in my circles is dependant on me. And I know people around the world that have offered me places to stay. So what am I waiting for?" 

As of fall 2022, this journey is expected to last well into 2023 and take Josh throughout different parts of the US and Mexico, Brazil, Australia, England, and Ireland. But Josh knows the whole experience can expand and change in ways that cannot be predicted, but is quite certain that the next place for him to settle into the right community will releal iself along while the journey is taking place. "The most important thing for me to have my own unique experiences whereever I'm invited to share them with whoever chooses to host me. I want to know I can be productive, including building new relationships, working, and making an income whereever I happen to find myself. I've got the rare privilege of really shaking things up in my life, and stop the patterns that have not been helpful for me. I'm really looking forward to what I'm going to discover about myself, again and again, while I'm learning more about the world from actually experiencing more of it."

Josh Bradford has released 4 CDs, 3 of which are still available online and through streaming services. His original music has been featured in 9 stage productions, 1 documentary film, and several collabarative musical events in the US and Europe. He has over 200 original music compositions, and 150 music arrangements, only a small fraction which have been given a proper release, though thankfully, many of these works have received performances and/or live or semi-professional recordings. As of 2020, film director has not been added to his list of achievements, as well as art model, and a return to writing he has not pursued since his college days. The best place to find out the latest about Josh Bradford's music, writings, current projects, and planned performances is on his website at joshbradfordmusic.com. 

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