List of Music Works

Here is the extensive list of musical works composed by Josh Bradford. As you will see, only a small percentage has been released, but most has been recorded and/or performed. Any piece with a link allows you to read information about the piece, see available sample PDFs, recording samples, etc. If interested in purchasing or performing any of these works or arrangements, please send an email with your request.


Released Music 



Between Memory and Silence 

Openness I 

My Blessing 


Looking Glass 



No Looking Back 

Woman of the Hour 

Sheep and Plums 

Autumn Leaves 

I Wanna Break Up 

Walkin’ Away 

Good to be Alone 


Raid at the Rainbow Lounge: Piano Music from the Soundtrack 

Ground Zero Is Clear Today 


Music for Piano 

Curiosity (1996) 

From Son to Mother (1996)

"I Surrender All" arrangement (1996)

From Son to Mother 2 (1997)

3 Musical Thoughts includes "Silence", "Memory," and "Between Memory and Silence" (1998)

Passage (1998) - winner of Outstanding Contribution of Anthology: Centennial Edition Tarleton State Univerisity