And so it begins...

I have left Texas, the only place I've called home to embark on a world-wide adventure that will take me to Mexico, Europe and Australia and places yet to be decided. I am deliberately choosing to be a creative without a home, but I will continue to work and create music while I search for a place to settle.

I want to experience all this world has to offer and I want to shine a light on all of the extraordinary musicians who have influenced my work as I've grown into the artist I am today.

This website is my digital home where I can share my music, my travel stories and all that is Josh Bradford. I want this to be a place of community, inclusiveness, emotional release, compassion — and love. I welcome all of you who take the time to browse these pages and I hope you find some joy and inspiration while you're here.

Here's to all of us...the crazy, awkward, beautiful, amazing people that we are. 

Check back here often to see what new stories I have to tell.